Seasonal Stories for Kids:  Ages 3-10

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Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving Stories for Kids

Thanksgiving Stories for Kids - Thanksgiving Tales

Folksy, style story telling will get the kids interested in Thanksgiving, and in our nation's history.  But can these stories be historical and hysterical? Yes they can!

Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving Stories for Kids, is Historical education about the pilgrims and their journey. Many are Christian Based Stories. Qualities of these stories: Patriotic, charitable, Love of God, Love of Nation, fun, funny... with positive, wholesome, feel-good stories.

Prayers Included:

"Sign of the Cross"


"Our Father"

Safety Education: Education about strangers versus a trusted adult communicated in an effective, non-scary manner.  

Recommended age group: ages 6 through 10 years of age.

Approximate Running Time: 50 minutes

Stories Included:

Tommy Turkey Meets Granny Smith:

Historical and Hysterical!  It's time to go to Granny's for Thanksgiving Dinner, but Granny likes to make anything but the traditional Thanksgiving Turkey.  Meet the "Turkey" family.  Granny's plans may be interrupted, but that won't stop her from singing and dancing with her family. Story Includes a fun song, "No Ham Today".

There's A Pilgrim At My Door:

"How now?"  "What Cheer?"  "Praise God!"

Yes, there's a pilgrim at the door and his name is Earl.  Come learn all about the pilgrim's journey to Plymouth Rock with Earl as your "official" guide!

One Potato - Two Potato:

What does it mean to be neighborly? How do we remain friendly with our neighbors and still be safe from strangers? Little Esperanza learns how to be friendly and safe in this cute and educational story.

Receive the Goodness - Song

Song Meaning:

After charitable acts and neighborly deeds are done in the story, "One Potato - Two Potato", the song, "Receive the Goodness" comes on. These are the Lyrics:

Gather round the mountain

Gather round the sea

Gather round the big world as it gathers round me

Gonna Gather round the people - Good People

Receive the Goodness - the Goodness of Me

Gonna tell you a story - about red, white, and blue

It's a very good story - and it's offered to you

About our great nation...under God

Receive the goodness

Receive the goodness of me

Receive the goodness of me

Thanksgiving Tales - Thanksgiving Stories for Kids

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