Seasonal Stories for Kids:  Ages 3-10

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Free Time For Mom - Mom's Fun, Get Up and Move !

Free time for mom with Mom's Fun! Get Up & Move! interactive Audio CD

This is 40 minutes of fast-paced activity with integrated preschool education. The kids will have so much fun moving around and answering questions!

Emphasis on safety with motivational exploration of self esteem, self-worth

Entertaining and Mood changing

Offers Free Time For Mom

Interactive and Fun while touching upon Preschool Concepts

Recommended for ages 3 through 7

Approximate running time: 40 minutes

Rhythm Play: 

Can you copy that pattern by clapping?  Can you feel that rhythm?  Keep trying!


Build a snowman, plant some seeds, pretend to be a rabbit, now a bird.  Hop, hop across the green, grassy field as you use your imagination.

Seasons and Weather:

We're going to talk about the weather. This track moves quickly through the seasons as well.

Counting and Addition:

Pretend to fly like an airplane as we count to 50.

Phonics and the Alphabet:

Letters and their sounds are explored.


Have fun playing red-light, green-light and other activities as you learn and laugh about opposites.

I am a Good Kid ! :

Children are taught to repeat this everyday: I am a good kid and I am going to have a good day!

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