Seasonal Stories for Kids:  Ages 3-10

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Halloween Stories for Kids

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Hello and welcome. 

So very glad to share my Halloween stories with you and your little ones. I take pride in sharing these delightful, insightful, and imaginative Halloween Stories for kids. 

  • It's Safe:  There's nothing scary on this Halloween Stories for kids disc.  It is filled with Halloween or seasonally related stories which are sure to please any child aged 3 through 10.

  • Kids are Happy: Stories will entertain different age groups simultaneously: Preschool through age 10.  

  • Free Time for Mom / Caregiver: Approximate Running Time: 40 minutes

Free time for mom? You bet! Great for car rides, nap time, play time, day time and tuck in at night time too! 

  • Valuable Purchase: I’ve even had parents tell me their children listen to these Halloween stories throughout the year! …long after Halloween had passed ! Now that’s saying something.

Free time for mom? You bet! Great for car rides, nap time, play time, day time and tuck in at night time too! 

So what are you waiting for? 

Download Halloween Spooktackular Stories Today !  These are fantastic Halloween Stories for kids.

These Non-scary Stories are fun to listen to anytime!

Two of the tracks offer short, but sweet rhymes. 

The Halloween-themed phonics are enjoyed towards the end of the disc.

It’s 40 minutes of cavity-free Halloween Fun! Enjoy!

Genre: Kids/Family: Children’s Storytelling

Included Stories:

The Ghost that Ate My Teddy Bear:

A little boy, Carl, befriends a ghost at the library but soon discovers that his favorite Teddy Bear has gone missing. Of course, his new friend, Jonathan the ghost does not eat the Teddy Bear. It only appears that way as it is tucked away in the ghost’s pocket. What a wonderful ending as they realize that Jonathan was only saving it for a ghostly show-and-tell.

Music in the Attic:
Neighborhood kids travel back in time when entering an abandoned house. The house is suddenly vibrant again as they step back in time. Soon they meet an old woman and return a very special music box that she has been waiting for. But after they give her the special music box, she gives them a wonderful gift in exchange – a gift of music in the attic.

Gordon the Skeleton:
Look out! There’s a very nice skeleton taking an airplane ride!
That’s right! He’s Gordon the skeleton and he wants to visit his mother, but struggles with wearing the
right clothes for the right occasion. 
Laugh along with Gordon as he journeys through
a skeleton’s life on an airplane and meets new friends along the way.

The Candy Rhyme and The Pumpkin Rhyme:
Short and sweet – these rhymes are a treat!
Learn what a gourd is.
Learn about dental care (after all that candy!)
Learn a rhyme or two!

Safety Sue:
Don’t eat found candy from the sidewalk…
what’s a crosswalk?…
walk with a flashlight…
These and other police- recommended safety tips are given by Safety Sue. 
Sue is all about fun with SAFETY NUMBER ONE

The Halloween Alphabet:
Learn the alphabet and phonics with fun, Halloween-themed words and sounds

Lucky Pete, the Bat:
It’s “bat” ter up time! Play Ball!
Ever meet a bat who likes baseball? He’s Lucky Pete.
Sometimes pesky, sometimes likeable. What will they say when Lucky’s out with poison ivy?
They’ll say bring him back so we can win…hey that “Bat” is lucky!

So what are you waiting for? 

Download Halloween Spooktackular Stories Today !

What a wonderful Treat these Halloween Stories for Kids are.


 Enjoy listening to these stories any time of the year!  


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Thank You for Your Interest in Seasonal Stories for Kids !


Author: Mary Troost

Connect: [email protected]

(856) 433 - 1087

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