Seasonal Stories for Kids:  Ages 3-10

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Christmas Stories for Kids on Christmas Cheer

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Christmas Audio Stories - Christmas  Cheer

Entertainment with a purpose of keeping Christ in Christmas

Christmas Stories for Kids

Learn about Baby Jesus, and the Holy Family

Learn the prayer, "Our Father" also known as, "The Lord's Prayer"

Great for travel, day-time, night-time, anytime and of course ... Christmas gifts ! Unique Stocking Stuffer :)

Recommended for ages 6 through 10 

Approx running time: 50 minutes

When I Dream of Chester

A little girl decides to bring her pet rabbit into her home and dress him in dolly clothes! Everyone's worried the pet is lost.  She fibs about it, and then more problems surface. She soon realizes the value of being honest. 

The Christmas Alphabet

"A" is for Angel and "B" is for Bethlehem where Jesus was born. And don't forget "C" is for Christmas! Learn the sounds of the letters (phonics) using Christmas themed words.

Snow Angel Meets the Snowman

They're so bored on the front lawn!  It's time for Snow Angel and the Snowman to go on a little adventure. Come fly with them to a beautiful church where they learn all about Jesus and the Holy Family. <3

Baby Jesus (Prayer Song)

Baby Jesus We Love You

Baby Jesus You Love Us Too

In Your Mother's Arms  Safe and Warm

We Love You

Baby Jesus We Love You

And We Know You Love Us Too

In Your Father's Arms Safe and Warm

We Love You

La La La La

La La La La

Oh Oh

We Love You

Christmas Cheer (Song)

This time - It's time - It's time for cheer!

This time - It's time - Christmas time is here!

Jesus was born on Christmas Day!

A Special time each year!

We're gonna pray to Jesus!

And tell Him we love Him...

Everyday of the year!

This day - it's time - It's time for cheer!

Holiday Laughter!

This time each year!

This is a day when Jesus was born!

A special day each year!

We really love Jesus!

We're gonna pray and wish you....Christmas Cheer !

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