Seasonal Stories for Kids:  Ages 3-10

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Candy Hearts For Cassidy

Listening rules? Sharing rules? Can that be taught to a four year old? Absolutely ! But it's always best to sneak those rules in through story - time.  "Candy Hearts for Cassidy "  is the perfect remedy for a child who's "struggling" with those very important rules of listening and sharing.

Unlike other titles from Seasonal Stories for Kids, Candy Hearts for Cassidy is not a series of short stories. Instead it is one story and one song.

Recommended for ages 3 through 10

Approximate Running Time: 30 minutes 

Story Description

Cassidy is a young 4 year old girl who tries new activities such as: karate, piano and ballet.  What's the most valuable lesson learned?  Listening and respect of course!


All about Cassidy, her family, her world and her not so small pet cat, "Tiny".  Kids learn about Respect for Parents, Teachers, and Trusted Adults.

Bug Hut Blues:

Rules, rules, rules.

Cassidy learns about the listening rules and sharing rules, but will she pay attention long enough to learn them?

Nice to be Nice (Song):

A fun piano song kids can sing along with as they remind themselves of the importance of being nice.


Oh it's nice to be nice when we play

Yes it's nice to be nice everyday

Be nice to your mom and dad

Your brothers and sisters too

Be nice to everybody

and they will be nice to you!

Oh it's nice to be nice when we play

Yes it's nice to be nice everyday

Oh - morning - noon

Noon and night

We never ever ever want to pick a fight

Cause it's nice to be nice


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